It started with a simple idea

What if modern technology could connect disparate legacy infrastructure to deliver business payments better, faster and cheaper?

The Velo Story

Velo is the result of combining our understanding of rapidly evolving corporate needs from globalization, mobilization and new marketplaces with extensive expertise in payments and the enabling of systems and processes.

Our team is suited for the task with a commitment to change the world. We are delivering a set of solutions which enables beneficiary directed payments while giving corporates end-to-end visibility and control of payments.

Velo reinvents treasury management services from a vertical, local solution delivered by banks, to a global service on a modern data platform that communicates with banks and non-banks anywhere in the world.

Our team

John Partridge

CEO & Chairman

John M. Partridge serves as Velo Payments CEO and delivers strategy and vision for the company, drawing upon 40 years of financial services expertise.

Mr. Partridge served as President of Visa Inc. from 2009 until 2013 and as Chief Operating Officer from 2007 until 2009. Mr. Partridge joined Visa U.S.A., Visa Inc.’s predecessor, in 1999 and served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Inovant, LLC, the company that owns and operates VisaNet, an electronic payment processing network, from 2000 until 2007. From 1998 until joining Visa U.S.A., Mr. Partridge served as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Unum Provident Corp., a disability insurance company, where he led a corporate restructuring initiative and had direct responsibility for technology and operations.

From 1989 to 1998, Mr. Partridge was Executive Vice President for Credicorp Inc., where he was responsible for consumer banking, technology and operations. Prior to joining Credicorp Inc., Mr. Partridge held various management positions with Wells Fargo Bank.

He currently serves as Chairman of the Finance Committee and a member of the board of directors of CIGNA Corporation. He also serves on the board of directors of Global Payments Network and is on the advisory board of Corsair Capital. Mr. Partridge holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Drew Weinstein


Drew is the President of Velo and Executive Director, responsible for all commercial and strategic efforts for the company.

Most recently Drew was the Chief Growth Officer at Hyperwallet, responsible for driving growth and innovation initiatives. Prior to Hyperwallet, Drew was the co-founder and CEO of Sequent Software Inc, a secure mobile commerce platform. Drew was also the founder of Project 18, a product development and digital consultancy.

Drew practiced law at White & Case and Loeb & Loeb LLP, where he represented MNOs, banks, startups, payment networks, media companies and advertising agencies.

Drew also sits on the Board of Directors of privately held Arrive Capital and Cognical, next generation fintech companies.

Drew has a B.A. with honors from Brown University and a J.D. with honors from Northwestern University School of Law.

John Davies

Chief Technology Officer

John is the CTO of Velo, responsible for all technology development and IT for the company.

Most recently, John was the founder of C24, which built the software libraries for 38 of the 50 largest money center banks use to make standards-based payments like SWIFT, SEPA, Fed Wire, etc.

John’s background is enterprise architecture, especially when it comes to architecture modernization, performance and scalability. An expert in blockchain but just as comfortable coding in C and Java, from lambdas to rebuilding a Linux kernel.

John has been global chief architect at JP Morgan, BNP Paribas and was the original architect behind Visa Checkout.

John has a B.S.C. in astrophysics from University College London.

Elliott DeLoach

Chief Financial Officer

Elliott is the CFO of Velo and owns supply chain and business operations.

Previously, Elliott held senior executive roles at CytoSport, Inc., the parent company of Muscle Milk, and Annie’s, Inc. In these roles, Elliott was responsible for finance, strategic planning, and supply chain. At CytoSport, Elliott led the strategic alternatives process, which resulted in a sale to a strategic buyer. At Annie’s, Elliott helped scale the business from a start-up to a public company and participated in its IPO roadshow.

Prior to his operational experience, Elliott was a private equity investment professional at Solera Capital and Aurora Capital.

Elliott received his B.A. in Chemistry, cum laude, from Amherst College and received his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Adam Tiberi

Chief Operating Officer

Adam is the Chief Operating Officer at Velo Payments. Adam is responsible for Engineering, Product Management, Operations, Financial Networks and Customer Success.

Prior to joining Velo, Adam was a Senior Vice President and the Global Head of Strategy and Product of the Payments Business Unit of Western Union (WU). Adam was responsible for driving global strategy, thought leadership, innovation and managing WU’s B2B, B2C and C2B payment products and services.

Over the course of his 24-year career, Adam has gained extensive business management and leadership experience combined with a global outlook through living and working in 4 countries for global companies in the IT and Financial Services industries.

Previously Adam was responsible for the successful design, build and launch in 15 countries of WU's revolutionary and industry award-winning cloud based B2B cross border payments platform WU EDGE. He also built and launched WU’s Mass Payments platform, a suite of RESTful API’s enabling customers and partners access to WU’s global network of bank accounts to support global payouts at scale.

Adam enjoyed outstanding success and personal and professional growth during his career at IBM, Oracle, Travelex, Western Union and now Velo Payments.

Anjli Dudani

Chief Risk Officer

Anjli Dudani serves as the Chief Risk Officer for Velo Payments. Prior to starting Velo, Anjli was Chief Risk Officer of Intuit, where she led development of world-class risk and compliance strategy and capabilities to deliver seamless customer experience while addressing risk and compliance requirements and supporting confidence for critical stakeholders including, regulators, management, board, the business and customers. Her experience in the FinTech world started at eBay where her remit was leading Global Risk Policy and Compliance Management across 27 countries. Anjli’s role was created to specifically underscore the focus on building trust in the marketplace via best in class risk and compliance capability.

Prior to coming to Silicon Valley, Anjli was Chief Risk Officer for Barclaycard Business Solutions, leading multi-disciplinary global risk teams supporting a suite of B2B payments businesses. In addition, she was also the accountable executive for offshoring relationships, process reengineering, payment innovation and on the board of three bank holding companies and non-executive director for a non-profit.

Anjli has also held senior risk management positions at Royal Bank of Scotland, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and GE Capital in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Anjli received her MBA from Boston College and holds a Bachelors in Computer Science from Pune University in India.

Charles Rosenblatt

Chief Revenue Officer

Charles is the Chief Revenue Officer for Velo and is responsible for Payments, Pricing, Business Development and Sales. After spending 10 years as a senior executive at Capital One and Washington Mutual/Chase, Charles ran a leading loyalty consulting firm and spent time as the Chief Customer Officer at Hyperwallet and as the EVP of Strategy, Analytics, and Product Development for Affinity Solutions.

Charles has been responsible for multiple M&A transactions, both as an advisor and an Executive, including the acquisition of a leading loyalty business for a Fortune 500 company. In his roles, Charles has managed relationships and handled multi-billion-dollar partnerships and agreements with Visa, MasterCard, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and other major financial corporations.

Charles holds a Bachelor of Arts from Pomona College and a Master of Business Administration from the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia.

Flavia Naves

General Counsel

Flavia Naves is General Counsel for Velo Payments and is responsible for overseeing all of Velo's legal affairs and compliance, governance, and risk functions. Ms. Naves lends over 15 years of experience in the FinTech, Payments, and Compliance Industries. Prior to joining Velo, Ms. Naves worked for Intuit as Assistant General Counsel for Payments, where she was the Begal Business Counsel for the Small Business Chief Risk Officer and Compliance Office, Payments Vice President, and Corporate Treasurer, supporting Intuit's credit card payments, payroll, and bill payment products and services.

Prior to working at Intuit, Ms. Naves was US counsel for eCommerce Operations at Worldpay Ltd. Flavia is a licensed attorney in California, the District of Columbia, and Brazil, and holds a law degree from Pontificia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais, with continued legal studies at Widener University.

Andrew Elmore

Vice President of Engineering

Andrew has over 20 years of delivering fault-tolerant, high availability systems, the last 15 of which have been spent developing products and services for the financial services industry. As Vice President of Engineering he is responsible for establishing and implementing Velo’s technical vision.

Before joining Velo he was the CTO at C24 Technologies, where he deployed software into the business-critical message processing systems of almost every tier-1 bank. Prior to that he ran front & middle-office development for a Mastercard-owned credit card issuer and processor. At SmartStream Technologies he managed the development of multiple award-winning components of their Transaction Lifecycle Management platform.

His earlier work includes massively parallel, distributed data mining products (subsequently acquired by Pitney Bowes) and extreme-availability/low-latency solutions, such as the call-routing component in British Telecomms' telephone network.

Andrew holds a 2:1 Honours degree in Computer Science and Electronics from the University of Edinburgh.

Our philosophy

We are committed to behaving with collaboration, ownership, freedom, and authenticity.


Velo is more than the sum of its parts. We share our work. We rely on connections across our team and the broader ecosystem to realize our vision. We ask for help. We are committed to maintaining a balance between our business success and always treating each other with respect.


Everyone at Velo is empowered to be a leader. In asking everyone to embrace personal ownership, we commit to one another, deliver for one another, so we can all rely on one another to meet and beat our collective goals.


We empower personal and professional growth, in many forms. Whatever point we are in our careers, and for however long, our time with Velo will be a personal and professional highlight. Working with Velo will enrich and improve the lives of everyone we touch.


We are committed to our values and fulfillment of our goals. We embrace everyone's individuality. Diversity unlocks creativity and the opportunity for Velo to be the best version of itself. Respect, candor and honesty translate to a welcoming yet accountable environment where we balance focus and fun.

Our culture

At Velo, we aren’t afraid to be different because, in fact, we are. We’re a team of self-starters and go getters that’s reshaping business payments. We hire professionals who value teamwork, innovation, collaboration and have an appreciation for innovative technology.

If you are innovative, curious, a team player, a go getter and have a passion to change the world, Velo is the perfect team for you.

Velo offers a complete suite of benefits designed to keep our employees happy and healthy.

With unlimited PTO, equity in the company, generous health and dental benefits and competitive compensation packages, Velo aims to attract and keep top tier talent.

How we work

We work as a team to execute with excellence and maintain balance.


  • Collaborative, we stand or fail together
  • We work together, ask for help, share our knowledge and learnings, and seek diverse perspectives


  • We exceed expectations
  • We deliver quality; and if we guess we make educated guesses


  • We act with honesty, transparency, practicality
  • We consistently adhere to our Core Values in whatever it is we are doing


  • We minimize status differences, listen to each other with respect, solicit input, admit mistakes, and are willing to change course when a plan seems not to work
  • We remember that the next innovator is equally motivated


  • We learn from experience
  • We only worry about things that are in our control


  • We strive to be in harmony with work, with family with physical and mental wellbeing
  • We count our colleagues and clients as friends


  • We consciously choose to assume that our co-workers are operating to the best of their ability
  • We assume everyone on the team is acting with the best interest of the company and their colleagues in mind


  • We are focused on using gradual never-ending change to always improve our products, services, processes, strategy, and culture
  • We are disciplined in seeking “incremental” improvement over time as well as “breakthrough” improvement all at once


  • We apply discipline to validate the problem, market, solution and customer’s willingness to pay
  • We use rapid iterative development, experimentation and proof-of-concepts to achieve maximum learning for the least amount of effort

What we aspire to achieve

We marry our exceptional experience with our vision to modernize business payments.


Drive majority market share and capture the largest volume of commerce transactions and protect profit margins while expanding our brand recognition delivering outsized returns for shareholders


We are the commerce and transaction management platform enabling global commerce


Enable international payments with minimum friction and maximum security while adhering to local regulations and currency models and addressing cross border compliance and foreign exchange translation


Provide all people with access to financial services, payment management, and handling of their money the way they prefer; bring the unbanked into parity with the banked


Enable banks and enterprises to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving consumer and business landscape by providing services that are flexible, scalable and responsive to change while supporting legacy domain specific languages and interfaces


Eliminate the friction and fragmentation making corporate payments and personal payment management so difficult by providing intuitive easy to use interfaces and delightful real-time services


The increasing size of data, types of data, and volume of data are overwhelming legacy systems and processes, increasing friction and latency — we provide advanced cryptographically secure high-performance data persistence, access, management and analytics services helping legacy and new businesses unlock the value their data can deliver

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