Pay with Velo

The enterprise platform for modern payments


Real-time 2-way messaging platform that works with all corporate and bank systems.

Unified payment management

Manage all corporate, payment interfaces and data formats from a single environment. Pay to any payment type including bank account, cash, check, card, e-wallet or crypto.

Next-gen enterprise cloud

Advanced security, super high performance and GDPR compliant.


Private blockchain supports rich data for reconciliation and auditing with smart contract-powered permissions so parties only access the data they are authorized to see.

VeloPay: Payor Platform

Smarter data provides transparency and flexibility

Enhanced reconciliation

Rich data can be appended to payments to facilitate reconciliation.

Easy to use

Make payments via an easy to use API or intuitive UI, all configurable to your needs.

Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics with in-state tracking of your payments.

VeloPay: Payee Platform

Give your payees visibility and flexibility

Velo has moved the burden of payee on-boarding from you to your payee and offers new payment types to expand your addressable payees to include the unbanked and underbanked.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking and alerts allow your payees to self-help, reducing customer support.

KYC and more

Capture compliance with the option to add social and other dynamic data sets.

Pay to all payment types

Pay to bank, e-wallet, card, check, cash or even crypto across any currency or portion of funds.

Advanced security

Elliptical curve encryption and 2FA secures all messaging and endpoint access.


Global reach. Your banks, your accounts so you can grow on your terms

VeloNet allows payment delivery to any bank and non-bank payment types.

Flexible, global reach

Disburse payments to any currency or payment type including e-wallet, cards or virtual.


Plug your funding bank accounts into the VeloNet gateway for total control of funds flow.

Your bank can run Velo

Bank partners can license Velo and service you directly.


A SaaS-based enterprise payments platform

Simple flat fee

Most Velo benefits are available via a flat fee including domestic payments.

Cross-border savings

For enterprises, cross border payments are a fraction of typical fee structures.

Expand your reach

Payments can be made to more payment channels including e-wallets, cash, card and cryptocurrencies to expand your payee audience.

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